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MIT visit

Hajoon Song visited MIT from February 6th to February 20th, 2019, as a visiting professor. As in last summer, he collaborated with Professor John Marshall and Dr. MaryamRashed Alshehhi to understand the ocean circulation in the area of Arabian Gulf.

Using the state-of-art ocean circulation model, we tried to explain the salinity maximum in the subsurface of Arabian Sea observed in situ measurements and autonomous floats, Argo.

He was told that this winter has been mild until a very cold air mass covered the area one week before he visited. Even though it snowed during his stay, the weather became warm again. On the Charles River, there were numerous “pancakes” of ice, telling that the winter was ready to retreat. BUT don’t be off guard. You never know when winter revisits until April (from his experience).

  • Apparently, a big snow storm visited Boston one week after he left.